When it comes to preparing couscous – the sky is the limit. With the abundance of products and brands these days, anyone can enjoy this tasty dish and adapt it to their personal eating habits. Whether you have a gluten allergy, you are watching your calories or enjoy a light, flavourful meal – Martino’s range of pre-made couscous products cover all the basics to bring you a rich nutritional food that can be prepared with vegetables, meat, fish and broth to suit your taste.

When it comes to couscous meals, you can pretty much do anything you’d like. Add almonds, pomegranate seeds, chorizo, saffron, spices and herbs – you name it. Check out these easy recipes that are fast and simple to prepare.

All cook in under 30 minutes, and many in as little as ten for the ultimate healthy and tasty feast after a long day at work or in the middle of a lazy weekend day. Seriously! 5 minutes is about all it takes for the tiny couscous grains to rehydrate in hot water.

And now let’s see some of our best couscous recipes:

Couscous with pesto and taleggio sauce

If you’re looking for easy dinner recipes, this one is a must. In this recipe, we bring the perfect blend of tastes and smells with the soft and creamy Taleggio, the aromatic Italian pesto and the mild flavor of couscous. Couscous with pesto and Taleggio sauce is fun and easy to prepare.

We like the thickness and creaminess that Taleggio cheese adds to any dish and here it melts smoothly into the couscous. You can even thicken it more with potato starch to reach the consistency of your liking.

Couscous with Mushrooms

For a tasty lunch or a lovely dinner, pasta with sour cream and mushrooms can be a true delight. But if you are tired of this traditional go-to recipe, this traditional recipe with a twist adds flavor and lightness.

In a non-stick pan pour extra virgin olive oil, add one garlic clove inside and let the oil heat and absorb the aroma of the fresh garlic. Remember, the longer you cook the garlic, the less it will taste and smell and the more creamy and subtle its flavor becomes. So make sure to cook it just enough.

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These easy recipes can be prepared with your choice of Martino’s range of couscous products made from high-quality durum wheat. If you’re watching your weight or have a gluten allergy, we recommend the Al Naturale range with corn, chickpea or rice couscous, which are highly digestible and low-fat. The perfect choice if you are looking for a light change in your everyday life while retaining the great taste and texture of our authentic Italian couscous.

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