Learning how to cook couscous perfectly every time is as easy as anything! It takes just 15 minutes and a handful of ingredients. What’s even more – high-quality couscous like Martino’s can be cooked in a variety of ways, saving you time. One of the most convenient way to prepare your favourite couscous recipe is with the help of a kitchen robot.

But what does a kitchen robot do?

What makes using a kitchen robot for cooking couscous so suitable is the convenience and speed of preparation. This method lets you put all the ingredients in the machine and walk to a fully prepared lunch or dinner. It’s simple and time-efficient, perfect for families with children or working people with little time. And since

Martino’s couscous is already a healthy choice for children, preparing it with a kitchen robot lets you include it in your family’s menu more often without any trouble. Martino’s couscous is one of the most convenient Mediterranean pantry staples, and it makes a great dish in a snap! To show you how easy it is, we are sharing a really tasty and healthy proposal. Yes, you can really prepare this oriental veggie couscous with your kitchen robot of choice. Are you up for it?

So how to prepare the oriental and vegetarian Martino couscous with a kitchen robot?

We love this recipe. It is the epitome of simple good food that can be whipped up in a very short space of time. When served with your choice of vegetables, which means you can even make it with whatever veggies you have lying around in the pantry. This dish is great as a side to all sorts of grilled or roasted proteins – be it fish, pork or chicken. But it is just as good and filling if you have it on its own. And it’s vegetarian.

How to make vegetable couscous

To cook, you choose a time, a temperature (100˚F to 250˚F by 10 degrees increments) and a blender speed. Start by putting oil and half of an onion into the mixer bowl; the machine will then chop the onion. Add peeled carrot hunks; it will chop those, too. Then it’s time for the soy sauce, courgette and soybeans, and it will sauté the mixture for seven minutes on 250˚, as the blades stir slowly. The smell of cooking onions will start to waft from the machine, and that means you’re nearly done. Finally, you add the couscous and set the timer, so you can get on with other jobs without having to worry about watching the saucepan. Set it at speed 1 / temperature 70º / 3 minutes. It’s so easy to add the uncooked couscous to the simmering basket and it’s easy to clean afterwards which is a bonus.

Isn’t it super easy?

And that’s it. You’ll have a delicious Oriental and vegetable couscous ready. If you wish, you can add chicken breast or even lamb. The result will be simply spectacular and tasty.

Cooking couscous with kitchen robot is just one of the ways you can prepare it. But what makes it so great is that you can include the sauce as you’re steaming the couscous. This blends the flavours and hues of the ingredients much better. The end result is one succulent, rich dish that will delight everyone – adults and children alike.

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