Christmas is the time of the year when we get together around the table and enjoy tasty meals with our loved ones. It’s the season of feasts and delicacies. It’s the small things that put a smile on our face and trying our new recipes is one way to share a new experience.

Each year during the holidays we try to impress our family & friends with our favorite traditional recipes or we want to surprise them with new and original dishes: couscous is the perfect ingredient for both! You can use it for classic specialties or to bring a touch of innovation to the table!

3 easy and original Christmas recipes

From side dishes and appetizers to the main course, we have something on this list for whatever you need for Christmas dinner ideas. These easy recipes and original ideas will take your meal to the next level and make your Christmas dinner amazing.

Christmas is a great time to experiment with eye-catching recipes that look as good as they taste. Martino’s delicious couscous Christmas tree with onions and rosemary is a real show-stopper. The recipe is easy and the result will look stunning. The combination of rosemary, couscous and onions creates a real infusion of flaours. And there is something very festive about rosemary. You can serve these trees as individual appetizers or make it the centrepiece to the dinner table.

Another favourite treat at Christmas time are truffles! That is why we love this delicate truffles recipe with Martino Couscous, ricotta cheese and cocoa powder. One of the reasons we love these Martino Couscous Truffles is that besides cocoa powder you can practically dust them with anything you prefer. Try for example dusting or rolling them in dried coconut flakes or finely ground nuts. If you are preparing them as gifts, combining different toppings will surprise everyone.

And we’re not stopping there. At Martino, we love to whip up new recipes to find new ways people can enjoy couscous. And we’ve whipped up several appetizers you can choose from this season. For your couscous meals, be sure to try the Finger Food with Beetroot couscous and caprino cheese. If you’re crunched for time, the Couscous cup with blackberries is your go-to. The Squids couscous with squid skewers are over-the-top in the best way. With any of these amazing appetizer recipes, you’ll be crowned the top hostess.

These are some of our best couscous Christmas recipes you can try at home with Martino Couscous. They are easy to prepare but very effective. We’re sure you and your guests will enjoy the combinations of flavors and textures and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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