Cooking together with children is definitely one of the most fun activities, especially on long fall days when more time is spent indoors. Be prepared to get all tangled up and to spend hours cleaning up, but more than anything have fun and be amazed at the endless creativity of your little ones.

Getting children to learn about food and cooking it too is really good because it helps to make them independent but above all curious, attentive and interested. Choosing ingredients that are easy for little ones to use and managing them is definitely the first step to a proper approach to food. Flours, doughs, small vegetables, and couscous, certainly are the most suitable foods.

But why is it so important to cook together with children?

It fosters autonomy and curiosity

We’ve said it, sharing daily family activities with young children helps develop their sense of participation and consequently their, albeit initial, autonomy.

Stimulates creativity

Ingredients often have different shapes, colours, smells, and textures. Creating combinations, mixing them together, seeing them change shape and taste, is there anything more creative in the world? This skill will help him develop self-confidence and overcome the fear of error.

Helps them acquire healthy eating habits

Giving children the opportunity to be protagonists in the kitchen, to learn about foods, to taste them as they are being prepared, to touch them with their hands, can help them to be non-selective and to recognize “good” foods from those that are less so.

Stimulates language learning

All the names of the ingredients, the various steps to make, the types of utensils to use, and so on, what could be nicer than learning while creating and playing? For little ones, learning is even faster if it happens while performing exciting and fun activities.

But where to start from?

  • Do the shopping altogether
  • Get utensils that children can also use without any danger
  • Select the ingredients to use and introduce them to children through the right descriptions, smells and manipulation
  • Choose recipes that are simple but also pretty in appearance!
  • Last but not least, eat all together. What could be nicer than sharing a meal prepared together?

Four couscous recipes to make with kids

And now we come to the point: what can be cooked together? As we have already mentioned, choosing dishes that are easy to prepare but at the same time kid-friendly is crucial. It should also be appealing to the eye. By revisiting some recipes, it is possible to make them appetizing even for the little ones. Here are some suggestions based on couscous Martino that are quick and easy to prepare.

Now all you have to do is don your apron and get to the stove (safely) with your children. Enjoy!


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