Chestnuts are a festive favourite, but they’re not just for Christmas. You can enjoy them as soon as autumn starts and make delicious combinations with Martino’s couscous.

While the chestnut season is brief, you can make the most of it with the recipes we’ll share in this post. To us, nothing is more quintessentially autumn than the intense and aromatic chestnuts.

Roasted, boiled or steamed – discover the properties and benefits of chestnuts with these popular autumn recipes with Martino Couscous.

The benefits of chestnuts

Many properties and benefits make the chestnut a complete and nutritious fruit. In autumn, they should never be missing in our kitchen because they are true allies of our well-being: they are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, mineral salts and B vitamins.

What are the main benefits of chestnuts? Here are some of them:

  • Excellent for reducing stress and fatigue
  • They fight anaemia
  • They improve the nervous system
  • They help the intestine
  • They are a cure-all for fighting coughs and disinfecting the respiratory tract

How to cook chestnuts

Chestnuts are a mine of beneficial properties but… how can we cook them? Each way enhances certain aspects of the fruit: first of all, for each preparation, it’s better not to forget to engrave the peel with a cut of about 2 cm in length, without going deep.

In addition to the usual cooking in the oven or in a pan, chestnuts can be boiled: this method is easier to accompany them with spices, sugar or turn them into a tasty desserts. With steam cooking, however, their properties are enhanced and are excellent to be consumed as a side dish or in soups. If time is short, chestnuts are also excellent in the microwave: in a few minutes you will get them softer and easier to peel.

Autumn recipes with chestnuts and Martino Couscous!

Have you ever thought of combining chestnuts with Martino’s Couscous? It’s an original mix of flavors for special occasions or family dinners: both are very versatile foods, and you can combine them to create many delicious recipes, especially desserts, like:

  • Castagnaccio: Chestnuts cake with Couscous – The Castagnaccio cake with couscous is a light and flavourful dessert that has all the characteristics of the balanced ancient Mediterranean cuisine. You can cook it and save it in a dry place, and there you have a meal to go anytime you need it.
  • Couscous Dessert with marron glace – If you like French cuisine, you will love this flavourful and decadent dessert. In a modern twist, we combine chestnut cream with couscous and condensed milk to really bring out the flavour in chestnuts. This is a combination that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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