Balance, variety and a pinch of yummy taste: a child’s day at the table must include everything, starting with nutrients and ending with taste, because taste buds also want their part. Breakfast (never skip it!), lunch, dinner and snacks: children must have everything, absolutely everything: carbohydrates, fibers, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, to be combined in different percentages depending on the meal.

But how to convince children to eat healthy meals, with so many unhealthy and delicious temptations? Well, one way would be to offer them Martino’s Little Dots, a line of healthy couscous made by corn and rice flour, gluten-free and specifically created for children from 3 years old. Our Couscous is really fast to prepare and easy to chew: ideal for a healthy and light full meal.

A great way to promote healthy eating for kids

It’s always the same story: when it comes to fruit and vegetables, children rebel and even refuse to try them. Very frequently, in fact, children are willing to eat only certain foods, such as meat or pasta, while vegetables are seen as the enemy of taste. This food monotony is usually also encouraged by the resignation of parents who, not to argue, start cooking their children’s favorite dishes without too many complaints.

However, a rich and complete diet will help children develop attention and intelligence. This is why it is important that in a healthy diet, the foods offered to children are varied and in the right proportions. And this is why the range of Martino’s products for kids was developed.

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There can be many reasons why parents are not able to provide a balanced and healthy diet for their children. Some might be giving up because their kids are fussy eaters, and others might have restraints in terms of money or time: how can you provide a healthy meal for your children? Easy! By enjoying the health benefits of couscous.

Martino Couscous is a fast and healthy alternative to complex meals that take hours to prepare. It is easy to make and doesn’t take long to cook, making it an ideal food that covers all nutritional bases.

What are the health benefits of couscous for a child?

Good eating habits are learned during childhood and influence the behaviors that children will have when it comes to eating also as adults. Parents, therefore, should try as much as possible to follow their children’s nutrition closely, trying to protect them from the numerous advertisements that indicate chips and sweets as the perfect snack.

Variety, moderation and balance will be your mantra, along with fruits and vegetables, including juices, smoothies and dishes prepared by making fun shapes with these ingredients. Try to use fresh and seasonal products, prepared as much as possible at home. You can check our blog and get inspired by these recipes!

It is important for children to adopt the right attitude towards food, which will then develop a positive attitude to eating in the long-run. Try to teach them about food and nutrition. For example, explain to them the health benefits of couscous, talk to them about the importance of healthy ingredients and get them help you in the kitchen too.

Make sure that all their dishes include all food groups and create the right portions for them: don’t force them to eat if they’re not hungry. Eating couscous is good for many reasons. First of all, it is a food which, although having the same nutritional qualities as wheat, is a more dietary one. This is because couscous absorbs a lot of water when it is prepared, so the volume of the grains increases and the satiety index as well.

Therefore, 40 grams of Martino Couscous seasoned with fish, vegetables or meat are enough for a complete and satisfying dish. The wheat with which it is made contains endosperm, which gives the couscous a very high nutritional value, making it an energetic food useful for feeling active during the day. Couscous also contains a good dose of fiber for a value of 2.2 grams per 100 grams of product. Fiber, as we know, promotes intestinal transit and gives a lasting sense of satiety.

If you want to enjoy even more the health benefits to couscous, try out MARTINO LITTLE DOTS, which will allow your children to enjoy couscous in a very tasty – and gluten-free! – way.

Easy meals for my fussy eater

The refusal of food is linked to a phase of the child’s growth, the ‘terrible two’, which lasts up to about three years. In this age group, the child begins to perceive himself and builds his identity by affirming his presence in the world also through opposition.

But remember that couscous’ benefits for toddlers are many! That is why Martino’s couscous products for kids are a good alternative to keep them interested and happy with what’s on their plate.

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It is very important to put a good variety of foods on the table, inviting the child to discover different tastes. If he refuses and does not want to try it at that moment, it is good to accept it and not insist. The meal must be a pleasant, peaceful moment for the whole family, even when the child is small: a situation of sharing with mom and dad, in short. It may seem like a marginal aspect, but instead it is very important.

Our Little Dots line is specially designed to cook fast and easy, making them ideal for the child to take part in the cooking process. Try experimenting with different vegetables and meat to add onto their favorite Martino Couscous meal to get them even more interested, while enjoying couscous diet benefits.

Are you ready to surprise your children? Try together one of our many recipes and have some great family time!

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