There is no better moment to start eating healthier than when you’re pregnant. In this particular stage of life, your body will need a different amount and quality of substances to function at its best, such as proteins, iron, calcium and folic acid.

And even though it might be an exaggeration to “eat for two”, you have to consider that whatever goes into your body becomes a nutrient that your baby will feed of: therefore you should always be aware of the type of food you eat.

Always try to find something with the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These will be a source of nourishment both for you and for your baby, and will guarantee you a healthy pregnancy.

What to eat when pregnant?

Your physician has most likely prescribed some useful prenatal supplements for you to take, but eating healthy is another great way to ensure that your baby gets all the nutrients it needs. If you’re in doubt about the composition of a certain food, remember to check the label, which indicates the main nutrients, and remember that as a pregnant woman, you need more of these substances than everybody else.

When you think of well-rounded foods to include in your menu, couscous comes to mind. Take for example, Martino Wholewheat Couscous, made from whole grain durum wheat semolina. Perfect for pregnant women, because it is composed of very useful nutrients, it is easy to prepare and a wholesome and hearty food. Many wonder whether couscous is ok for pregnancy, and the truth is that not only eating couscous while pregnant is harmless, but it also beneficial in many ways.

Couscous, is today well known all over the world. It is usually used as a side dish, or as an alternative to pasta, rice or other types of grains. Many, however, prefer wheat couscous as they think it is tastier, lighter and fluffier than the regular one.

Here’s why couscous is good for pregnancy

So, what makes Martino’s couscous healthy for pregnancy? Easy! It is extremely rich in proteins, which provide a great source of energy, muscle strengthening and growth: all things that pregnant women need to care for the baby and for their own organism. A nutritional pregnant diet needs to contain certain substances in order to withstand the pregnancy as the baby develops properly.

Read this article to find out all you need to know about the nutritional value of couscous.

Let’s take a look at the nutritional value of couscous:

  • Selenium: One cup of Martino couscous provides 61% of the recommended daily intake of selenium for pregnant women. The daily requirement of selenium varies according to age and specific variables, such as pregnancy and breastfeeding: for an adult subject on average it is around 55 μg (micrograms), In pregnant and breastfeeding women, it rises to 60 and 70 micrograms per day, respectively. it’s good for expectant mothers to incorporate Martino’s couscous products in their diet, so as to avoid a selenium deficiency.
  • Potassium: Another great reason to eat Martino’s couscous while pregnant is that it is rich in is potassium. One cup provides 39% of the recommended daily dose of potassium for pregnant women. Potassium can relieve the cramps typical of pregnant women. By interacting with sodium, it regulates the water balance and normalizes cardiac activity. It also promotes mental activity, fights fatigue by helping to restore energy, and is excellent for eliminating waste and keeping blood pressure stable.
  • Other essential nutrients: Martino’s couscous is considered a complete meal, as it includes all the essential nutrients that you’ll need during pregnancy: whole grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, one cup provides 176 calories, which is 8% of the standard daily intake of pregnant women. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting weight as you protect your baby’s and your wellbeing.

How to handle pregnancy cravings

It is quite common for pregnant women to crave some food as they’re pregnant. Often, this is due to changes in the nutritional needs as they’re pregnant, and it is a sign that the baby needs nutrients. Remember that a pregnant body intakes nutrients differently, and these changes help the baby develop as it should while helping the mother get ready for breastfeeding.

Try Martino’s Happy Couscous: our line of delicious ready-to-eat meals and a great way to intake all the nutrients your body needs and get rid of your cravings. In fact, couscous can be paired with so many ingredients, that you’ll be able to take care of yourself as you satisfy your tastebuds too! Prepare your couscous with vegetables or meat, fish or fruit and add whatever spice or herb you prefer.

Our practical wheat couscous comes in 150 g packages which also include a fork. Nothing’s better than couscous for pregnant women who want to snack in between meals. The Martino Ready to Eat Meals are a light but complete meal, that can be heated quickly in the microwave and don’t need to be refrigerated.

Feeling crafty? Try out some our favorite recipes: eating couscous while pregnant can be a fun and healthy experience!

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