When you’re working a 9-to-5 job, lunch time can be tricky. We all know how fast-paced the office life can be, not to mention the cost of eating out every day. It’s no wonder people are more stressed and in poorer health than every – we often skip breakfast and lunch or opt for unhealthy foods that provide a ‘quick fill’. But street-sold sandwiches, pre-made salads and pastry are packed with carbohydrates and preservatives and offer little (if any) of the fiber, vitamins and minerals your body needs.

You’re probably thinking: “But I don’t have time to prepare my lunch in advance and carry it with me” and that’s OK. Martino offers a range of pre-made couscous products that can be enjoyed cold or warm as well as cooked in less than 5 minutes in the office’s microwave. And they’re as healthy as it gets.

Skipping lunch or making poor dietary choices is not a good idea as, eventually, this will take its toll on your stressed out body. People start complaining from digestive problems, weight retention and exhaustion. But one cup of cooked couscous will provide you with 176 calories, 36 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fibre and 6 grams of protein with no sugar or fat. It also contains two-third the daily recommended selenium dose for adults. If you’re looking for more fibre, choose the durum wheat couscous variety; it has about five to six grams of fiber per serving and is available in many markets.

Why Martino Ready to Eat Meal is a perfect lunch for the office

The Martino Ready to Eat Meal is specially designed for people who are short on time but want to experience the benefits of a delicious and nutritional meal. 100% organic: ready to taste, in handy 150 g packages with a fork. You can experiment with adding tofu, nuts or spices for many delicious recipes that will save your lunch break at work, at the gym or simply in your free time. For a light yet nourishing lunch break. They can be heated quickly in the microwave and don’t require to be stored in the fridge.

Even if you have a food allergy or intolerance or some kind of dietary restriction, there are options like Martino’s Al Naturale range. Made from corn, chickpea or rice couscous, 100% organically-cultivated, highly digestible and low-fat. Specifically thought for people with gluten intolerance, yet perfect if you are looking for a light change in your everyday life.

Of course, couscous can also be prepared in advance the night before simply by pouring over hot (not boiling) water over it and leaving it for less than 10 minutes to fluff up. This means you can prepare your next day’s lunch while having dinner and that’s something we can’t say about a lot of foods. It’s certainly convenient and easy to have an alternative for a healthy dish that doesn’t take hours to prepare and is tasty and nutritional.

One of the best qualities of couscous is that it assumes the flavours of the sauces or seasonings you add. But if you opt for Martino’s Conventional Flavoured label – then you can choose from several varieties of pre-seasoned couscous to create a savoury meal. Regular couscous has 6 grams of protein, while whole-grain couscous has 9 grams. Rice, for example, contains less protein, with 1 cup of cooked white and brown rice supplying 4 and 5 grams respectively.

Couscous is not only tasty and easy to prepare, but it also offers an abundance of nutrients. This is especially true for couscous that is certified and of high quality with long traditions in how it is milled as with the family-owned Martino company. Adding one of Martino’s couscous products to your diet at lunch will make a big difference in your weight and health. And there are so many recipes you can choose from for a quick and filling lunch at the office.

We have developed our range of couscous products to encourage healthy eating and a balanced diet in any situation – whether you have time to experiment with new tastes and variations or simply want to put together a tasty meal in no time. We’d love to hear how Martino’s couscous helps you get through a day at the office, and keeps you healthy and full.

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