One of the main reasons we love couscous is the mild flavor that can take the aroma of any spice you mix it with, the flavor of meat, chicken or fish and the texture of any fruits, nuts or vegetables you add to it. Couscous is not a healthy alternative to most grains and flours but is such a versatile ingredient that you can create hundreds of delicious savory or sweet recipes for the whole family! 

But what about those who are busy and do not have time to cook a meal every day? Well, Martino brings the most decadent couscous line that is already flavored and ready to serve in just 5 minutes and all you will ever need is hot water! 

The line comes in two versions: Bio Healthy Organic Flavored Line and the Traditional Flavored Line

    A new range of flavored couscous to help you discover the typical flavors of Italian cuisine. Created for a quick and complete meal, the Martino seasoned organic couscous allows a wide choice of taste that can bring everyone together. Composed of dehydrated condiments in 200 g packs, it is possible to prepare a healthy and genuine dish in just 5 minutes without having to add anything but a little water
    Your quick and complete lunch! The new range of flavored couscous offers you the tastiest recipes ready in just 5 minutes. Just a little hot water and your lunch are served! The speed and simplicity of preparation ensure that this product becomes indispensable in your kitchen. Martino brings high quality, healthy products to the table, without giving up goodness and lightness.

Both conventional and organic flavored couscous lines come in the following delicious flavors: 

    Martino’s couscous with Italian pesto: Grana Padano cheese, basil, pine nuts, garlic, white pepper, cashew nuts.
    Ideal for a recipe with chopped salmon fillets, cherry tomatoes, and chopped black olives. All baked in the oven and served with some Italian white wine.
    Martino’s conventional couscous with cumin, turmeric, paprika, chili pepper, onion, and pepper.
    Use this flavored couscous in summer by the sea recipe! With stir-fried shrimps and cannellini beans.
    Martino’s conventional couscous with dried fruit, sultanas, cashew nuts, lemon, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and chili pepper.
    This flavored couscous is perfect for sweet recipes Moroccan style! Use amaretto biscuits, raisins, and a little liquor to prepare a quick dessert for the whole family.
    Martino’s couscous with fresh vegetables: courgette, tomato, onion, carrot, red pepper and leek.
    Our food bloggers suggest you add cottage cheese and chopped hard-boiled eggs. Or use this couscous with sautéed vegetables for the perfect side dish to a tender chicken breast!
    Martino’s couscous with porcini mushrooms, onions, carrots, parsley and a dash of turmeric.
    Our food bloggers suggest you add sliced courgettes and stir-fried courgette flowers. You can also add some sautéed porcini and serve with a glass of white wine for a great dinner for two!
    Martino’s couscous with tomato and basil.
    Our food bloggers suggest you add mackerel in oil and quartirolo cheese. Typical Italian Flavour and perfect even for the kids. Serve with fresh tomato sauce for a quick dinner with your family. 

Martino’s organic and traditional Flavored Couscous is the most convenient solution for all those who are busy enough to cook every day! With just hot water and 5 minutes at hand, you can have a heartwarming meal to take with you at work or a tasty dinner when you get back tired from a long day! 

They come in six different delicious flavors and lovely Mediterranean aromas! For the weekdays just rehydrate the couscous:

In a medium, heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium heat, pour 200 ml of water, add a pinch of salt and one tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bring it to a simmer. 

Turn off the heat and pour evenly 200 grams of Martino whole couscous. Cover with a lid and let the couscous absorb all the water slowly for about 4-5 minutes. After the necessary time, fluff the couscous with the help of a fork to avoid any lumps from forming and to obtain the perfect texture.

And for a Sunday lunch with your family add some fresh meat, salmon, shrimp or even sautéed vegetables and prepare the perfect family lunch in just 30 minutes! Martino’s Organic and traditional flavored lines are a must-have in the kitchen of every busy and hardworking person who doesn’t want to sacrifice on healthy, nutrient and tasty meals! Don’t miss it! 

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