We are now in the height of summer and the desire to spend time outdoors is getting stronger and stronger, this means only one thing: little time and desire to devote to cooking and preparing elaborate dishes. The solution? Fresh summer dishes to share with friends and family, perhaps under an umbrella or during a walk in the mountains.

Due to the high temperatures typical of the summer season, it is important to modify one’s diet to reduce calorie intake. Thus, instead of heavy, high-fat dishes, one should give preference to fresh, light foods that, in addition to providing fewer calories, help the body better withstand the high temperatures.

As you may have guessed, modifying one’s diet in the summer is not only an organizational matter but, above all, a physiological need that we must not shy away from so that our bodies continue to work well and endure the great heat.

The number one rule is to reduce the most heating foods, that is, those that lead most to the production of body heat during digestion, such as those with higher protein content (meats, cheeses, sausages).

So what to eat in the summer?

During summer it is possible to find many seasonal ingredients with which to prepare many fresh summer dishes. It is during this period, in fact, that fruit and vegetable stands are full of seasonal vegetables, which can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. The same thing concerns fish, which, being light and complete food, is particularly suitable in the preparation of simple and light dishes.

In general, a green light to:

  • Fruits and vegetables are to be consumed every day (taking advantage of the fact that summer is the best time not to miss the five daily servings recommended by nutritionists) and in all forms.
  • Pasta, rice and couscous, satiate without weighing you down. They are also good sources of complex carbohydrates and thus long-lasting energy.
  • Fish for its high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, high digestibility and lower calorie intake.
  • Eggs and cheeses as long as they are fresh, can replace the classic steak or sliced meat platter.
  • Ice cream better if homemade, represents a true ally of summer, because it satiates and at the same time helps relieve the heat.


Couscous is among the best fresh summer dishes

Couscous is your ally for the summer: quick to prepare, light and nutritious, and excellent in fresh summer dishes. It contains starch and carbohydrates, little fat, protein, vitamins A and B vitamins, and minerals, which replenish supplies lost on hot days. It nourishes but does not burden intestinal functions, thus preventing acidity and heaviness.

But that’s not all, couscous in summer is really a lunch/dinner saver because:

  • it is ready in 5 minutes, but really!
  • You can prepare it at home and take it with you everywhere and eat it cold too
  • The Martino couscous lines are really many, you are spoiled for choice!
  • Martino couscous is also gluten free! We have thought of everyone
  • You can make so many recipes with Martino couscous: from appetizers to desserts

Speaking of recipes, here are some made with couscous for really tasty fresh summer dishes:

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