Fried foods often get a bad rap when it comes to health. Whilst it’s true that overconsumption of your favourite crispy chips and delicious crunchy chicken can lead to potential health problems, this is the case with almost any food type. When eaten in moderation, fried foods can certainly be part of a balanced diet. So, if you’re wondering ‘can fried food be healthy?’, the answer is a resounding yes. And here are some of our favourite healthy fried foods to prove it.

If you are looking to eat healthier, without sacrificing eating fried foods, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Olive oil is the best kind of oil you can use to make your fried foods. Olive oil itself holds many health benefits, so it has an advantage against its other competitors.
  • It is important to make sure you keep the fry oil nice and clean. If you let it get old, and collect debris, the oil will start to burn, and it will make your food taste burnt. Using old oil also means that the oil probably lost its nutrients as well.
  • Having a good batter for your food is super important to having a great tasting meal, but how you make your batter can determine if your fried delights are going to be a healthy treat, or a greasy mess.
  • Another popular way to help improve the quality of fried, battered foods is to use a carbonated liquid, or baking soda in the batter. What this will do for your food is when it is cooking, it will release gas bubbles, which will help reduce the oil absorption in your food.
  • One thing that most people fail at when trying to make a healthy fried dish is making sure the oil temperature is right where it is supposed to be. When you fry oil you shouldn’t exceed 180°.

There are many ways to eat fried foods and still maintain a healthy diet. One way to integrate fried foods into a healthy balanced diet is to take advantage of the nutritional benefits and versatility of couscous.

If you’re interested in what other delights can emerge from the fryer, check out these two recipes for healthy fried foods with couscous.

Sweet Couscous Croquettes

Sweet Couscous Croquettes are an ideal accompaniment to a glass of milk or coffee. The Sweet Couscous Croquettes are packed with the aroma of cinnamon and the sweetness of honey. You can always add some sliced almonds though. These Sweet Couscous Croquettes are superb, easy to make and a perfect side to some ice cream or even a great breakfast!

Pumpkin flowers with chickpea couscous

Pumpkin blossoms are a delicious edible flower that you can find in your garden or occasionally at the farmer’s market. It’s seriously impossible to pass them by as everybody loves the idea of eating flowers. There is nothing more beautiful and girly than to have that bright yellow flower on your plate.

Pumpkin flowers with couscous are the ideal appetizer to place on top of a wooden plate and next to some of your favourite wine. An intimate encounter with your beloved one or a gathering of close friends? Either way, the flowers served with fresh ricotta cheese is your go-to recipe for a true Italian experience. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to receive all the delicious Martino’s recipes directly in your inbox!

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