Today we want to talk to you about a topic that is close to our hearts, more than our recipes. It is about our values, what we believe in and above all what we want to convey through our products and our work.

Martino has been working on the topic of sustainability for several years now, and the activities we are carrying out are diverse. Our commitment is aimed at and inspired above all by the new generations, who are becoming increasingly attentive and engaged. A way to empower them in their choices is also through our work and that of brands that decide to support the environment in which we live.

Here is what we have done in recent years on the theme of sustainability:

Eco-sustainable packaging

Martino embarked on a packaging conversion program several years ago, renewing for all products the materials and making them all 100% fully recyclable as a single package. We started by researching with our suppliers to define the materials.

We sampled the new materials and studied the solutions best suited to our production, packaging and communication needs, always keeping a high focus on costs while respecting consumer needs.

After a transition period that lasted about 6 months, and now for 3 years we have been working only with eco-sustainable packaging inside our plant. A big goal we would like to achieve is to be able to use compostable packaging for all our products.

Energy Efficiency

Martino has always cared about energy efficiency, and this is evidenced by the fact that we have been using energy from renewable sources for several years. In modernizing and expanding our production site, we will also start renewable energy production.

The purchase of new machinery was made after careful analysis of energy consumption, and currently, we have managed to keep costs down despite doubling our production capacity. Our new upcoming project involves the installation of solar panels to fully serve the company. This entails energy efficiency with a major impact on the company’s operations with a significant reduction in costs and non-renewable consumption.

The fight against food waste

Our company has developed a special management system for raw materials and company production, such that there is no food waste and no raw material waste. Efficiency is total. The company will reproduce the same production process for all the machinery that will be installed in the company. Start-up costs will be higher, but over time the yield and efficiency will repay the expense by zeroing out waste.

Social sustainability

Martino has always worked by selecting the best raw materials on the market. We constantly work to have supplies exclusively with Italian raw materials.

Social sustainability is one of those values that has led us to change our packs and use renewable energy. Our packaging carries social, environmental, and sustainable preparation information:

we are the only ones whose couscous is possible to prepare without the use of gas, the electric stove or anything else.

We plan to improve this communication aspect by including additional information on our packs about our company and our production hub that will help increase consumer confidence. Today there are fewer and fewer impulse purchases and more and more conscious purchases. Consumers are documenting, reading, and therefore it is important that the packs communicate in the right way and indicate the real activities that the company puts in place to protect social sustainability.


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