Whole grains have been a part of the human diet for tens of thousands of years.

Whole grain or whole wheat couscous is made from flour that contains the entire grain kernel, the germ, endosperm and bran. Whole grain couscous is rich in many nutrients essential for human health and is high in dietary fiber, which promotes regularity and may help lower cholesterol and aid in cancer prevention.

But what are the benefits of whole wheat? It’s a superfood!

Benefits of Whole grains

Eating whole grains has been shown to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Moreover, whole wheat can help prevent type 2 diabetes and promote healthy blood sugar control.

There are so many more amazing benefits of whole wheat, including the reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, inflammation, autism, depression, anxiety, etc. But to fully experience all these advantages you must be certain in the quality of the wholemeal couscous you consume.

How to recognize quality wholemeal

Quality whole couscous should be produced using only the last two skins of the wheat grain, which are the least dirty and the highest in fiber. In the event that an excessive number of layers were used, due to the high quantity of ash contained in the grain skins, the couscous would take on a grayish color and its nutritional properties would not be enhanced.

Tips for choosing authentic wholemeal products

Now that we have recognized what the “false wholemeal” are, here are some tips to make no mistake and buy the right couscous … but above all really wholemeal!

Label: it is necessary to carefully read the list of ingredients on the label, listed in order of decreasing quantity. Reading can immediately reveal the true nature of the product you are about to buy.

Fiber: it is also very useful to check the nutritional values ​​of the product. Quality whole couscous should generally be a rich source of fiber.

Color: do not be fooled by the dark appearance typical of wholemeal products, it does not guarantee its authenticity but can be deceptive. In addition to the color of the couscous, which must be uniform and golden, never grayish, note the compact and aromatic consistency.

In addition to having the certainty of never finding a “false wholemeal” among the products of the Martino family, our whole wheat Couscous is always highly digestible, has an unmistakable flavor and is made exclusively from 100% wholemeal semolina .

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