Like Christmas and Thanksgiving, the summer months are a time for indulging in food. Summer always makes its mark with endless barbecues, holidays with exotic cuisine and late-night street fairs selling ice cream sundaes. With friends and family constantly inviting us to these events, it makes you question if it’s even possible to eat healthy during the next three months.

However, while summer is the season of living it up and beach weather, it doesn’t mean you should abandon the notion of being healthy all-together. Maintaining a healthy diet during the summer can actually be fun and doable with the right attitude and dedication!

The foods you eat have big effects on your health and quality of life.

Making couscous part of your diet encourages healthy eating as well as healthy living in general. Turning to low calorie substitutes of your favourite pasta and rice without sacrificing flavour may have seemed impossible in the past, but now there is a way to make that next meal a delicious, better-for-you hit.

Couscous is not only tasty and easy to prepare, but it also offers an abundance of nutrients. This is especially true for couscous that is certified and of high quality with long traditions in how it is milled as with the family-owned Martino company. Because the key to consuming healthy food choices is the way in which the food is prepared, it is important to be able to trace your food back to its humble beginnings. Add one of the couscous products of Martino to your diet today and see if you notice a difference in your weight and health.

Couscous is an excellent source of carbohydrate. As a low fat and low calorie grain, it converts to glucose more slowly than refined carbohydrates such as white bread, encouraging energy rather than lethargy. It also swells in the stomach, which means we fill up more quickly and tend not to eat so much.

In addition to having higher nutritional value than rice and pasta, couscous can also feed more people with smaller portions. And thanks to new technology used in the preparation of instant couscous like the one from Martino, we can now obtain a greater couscous rehydration up to 2,6 times. Our signature method that has taken decades to perfect in keeping with the proud traditions on which the company was founded have allowed us to perfect our couscous range. Now, Martino’s couscous has more volume and fragrance, and it’s dramatically softer, fluffier, and lighter.

Thanks to the high-quality ingredients we use as well as our manufacturing process, Martino couscous is also generally lower in calories and higher in fiber than most processed foods, helping you to feel full on fewer calories. As a result, a balanced diet with Martino’s products may prevent weight gain and obesity. If your unbalanced diet was deficient in calories, starting to eat a balanced diet can also help you put on pounds to achieve a normal body weight.

We are passionate about making different foods an integral part of people’s daily menu. Our range of couscous products is developed to help you maintain a healthy and interesting diet which provides a range of different nutrients to the body. Let us know how Martino’s variety of couscous products helps you stay in good health and reduce the risk of disease.

And if you’re looking for an inspiration about your summer diet, here are some couscous recipes to inspire you.

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