There is also Martino Couscous in the list of Export Champions 2023 compiled by Sole 24 Ore in collaboration with the online data analysis portal Statista.

The list aims to recognize and reward the 250 Italian companies that, in the year 2022, stood out for their share of exported products. Many sectors are taken into consideration: from mechanical to pharmaceutical to chemical to food.


The parameters that have been taken into account for the ranking are certified economic data, companies which offers high quality and unique products, for their storytelling ability and communication of Made in Italy excellence, and also for their enhancement of product and supply chain sustainability.

For Martino Couscous, this is yet another recognition obtained in less than idyllic years for Italian companies. The pandemic and the subsequent global economic crisis have not effected the business of Martino Couscous. With an all-female leadership it has managed to gain a good slice of the international market by innovating without distorting itself.

If 2022 saw Martino nabbing the Best Food Product 2022 award with the Chickpea Crispycous and subsequently winning the Italian Food Awards USA 2022, the year of 2023 opens under the banner of another important award of Export Champions 2023.

In this regard, we decided to have a chat with the person who has lead the company to reach ambitious goals: Emma Martino.

How did you welcome the news of being selected among the 200 Italian companies of the “Export Champions 2023”?

The arrival of the news elicited great satisfaction and pride. Knowing that we have been selected among such a wide panorama of Italian companies has undoubtedly made us proud and enthusiastic, as well as even more motivated. Receiving this recognition at a time of great challenges is an important recognition for the leadership and staff.

Martino is increasingly identified as an industry leader, what drives this success? What aspects are you working on for similar results?

The company’s success is its people, a passionate and motivated staff with a great sense of belonging. This aspect is an important acceleration and push to achieve the set goals.

Martino is an industry leader in quality and strong innovation , always keeping up with new consumer needs. It is a great team effort that is answered in the daily purchase choice of our customers.

Martino is a ‘Company with an important female quota, women are undoubtedly an added value in a high-performing company, right?

Martino’s woman quota is definitely important: it gives insight, passion and great motivation to the entire staff.

What has been the biggest challenge Martino has faced on his path to success?

The biggest challenge has been, and still is without a doubt, the cultural challenge with respect to Couscous. The Martino message and culture, which we strongly support, is linked to a strong versatility of the product; it is a culinary culture that is simple, quick , tasty, and therefore suitable for the inexperienced in the kitchen as well as for the pro-professionals.

It represents the quickest, and at the same time economical, solution in the kitchen, without sacrificing taste and nutritional values. This is why Martino has become a reference in Couscous culture.

What predictions for the coming years? What goals do you have for Martino?

The coming years will continue to see a strong push toward innovation , with products that will enrich the range in other segments.

At which trade fairs Martino will be present in 2023?

In 2023 we will be present at Tutto Food in Milan from May 8 to 11, PLMA in Amsterdam from May 23 to 24, and Anuga in Cologne from October 7 to 11.

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