For many who have had the chance to taste it, couscous is first and foremost a flavourful dish that can accommodate an incredible number of sauces or stews, and it is found on the menu of any self-respecting international restaurant.

And on Italian soil, Martino has started a new tradition of bringing together the two halves of one whole and introducing what is now known as Mediterranean couscous. The meeting point between the Middle East and the West.

Through an incredible journey, couscous has also arrived in Italy, contaminated by the impact of local taste. For centuries, in fact, it has belonged to the culinary gastronomy of Sicily. The best known is the Trapani preparation, called in the local dialect cùscusu: couscous is steamed in a special enameled clay pot, with fish broth.

What makes Martino’s couscous special and quintessentially Italian?

It is Martino’s goal and great achievement that when consumers choose our bio Couscous, they can have the confidence that it complies with strict EU rules. Products that do not meet these standards may not be referred to as organic or bear the EU’s organic logo or a national equivalent. This is why we take extra care to source the best organic wheat and employ a production process that refines it into our signature range of couscous products.

Since 1994 Martino has been producing Italian bio Couscous known for the unique quality of the raw materials, 100% Made in Italy, and with a distinctive range of products to cater to every taste. But what makes an organic product truly organic?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the term “organic” can be applied to a variety of different kinds of foods. The term can be used on agricultural products, as well as on meat, poultry, eggs and dairy. And it also applies to the methods used to process organically grown foods in preparing them for market or to retard spoilage.

The hallmarks of Martino – the first Italian couscous producer

The ingenuity of marrying traditions with modern methods of production and superior ingredients is truly the crowning achievement of Martino’s legacy in couscous making. Naturally, goodness is hard work. And while traditional preparation of couscous was truly a laborious task, we are lucky to be able to take advantage of the mechanization of the process nowadays. The result is an even more refined product with lighter texture and fluffy taste, which cooks quicker and soaks your favourite flavours easier.

A century-old tradition of high quality products and upright values allows Martino to produce couscous varieties that are fit for any health plan, dietary requirement and taste. Our signature ranges Prestige, Organic, Kids, Al Naturale, Ready to Eat Meal, Ho Re Ca and Conventional Flavoured have each been designed with care and utmost attention to every detail to ensure we never compromise on quality. All of our products are created for those who want the best: steaming, first quality grain, unique organoleptic and nutritional qualities for their authentic Italian taste products.

This has allowed us to achieve a new standard of quality for couscous products, where our traditions and quality of ingredients has made Martino a household name.

Made from whole grain durum wheat semolina, quick cooking Martino Couscous is wholesome, hearty, and ready in minutes! A staple of North African cuisine for hundreds of years, couscous makes a great side dish or alternative to pasta, rice, or grains. Light and fluffy, durum wheat couscous has a slightly more pronounced flavour than regular couscous and the pure water from the Matese mountain accentuates its texture and taste.

The end result is couscous that is not only tasty and easy to prepare, but also offers an abundance of nutrients. This is especially true for couscous that is certified and of high quality with long traditions in how it is milled as with the family-owned Martino company. Because the key to consuming healthy food choices is the way in which the food is prepared, it is important to be able to trace your food back to its humble beginnings. Let us know your thoughts on your favourite Martino couscous product and how it has helped you fall in love with Italian couscous.


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