Couscous deserves a special place in our hearts and in our kitchen. This delicate and modest food has accompanied the Italian and Mediterranean tradition for centuries and has become the main ingredient of some truly delicious dishes. For all the benefits it provides us this healthy food deserves to be celebrated. That is why Martino is organizing a four day festival only for couscous and Chef Cristina is endorsing it!

Celebrating a thousand years old food in DegustiCous

DegustiCous, the festival of Italian couscous, will be held in Termoli from 19 to 22 July 2018. The festival will celebrate couscous, this healthy, versatile food, a true representative of the Italian culture and the Mediterranean diet. During DegustiCous food will be the protagonist, flamboyant, in all its forms and colors, to represent the infinite variety of combinations possible. Music, entertainment, sport, and fun will be all around too. Families, young people, children, athletes and food lovers from the Molise region and all around Italy will join us by the sea to honor our healthy Italian couscous.

The heart of the event will be the enogastronomic exploration during which recipes based on Couscous will be proposed. In such a heartfull event no one could be a better ambassador than the exceptional chef Cristina Bowerman – a multi-talented woman and a brilliant Chef who holds a Michelin star and has a passion for travelling and innovative cooking.

About Chef Cristina Bowerman

After many years abroad in the United States, Chef Cristina has returned to Italy, to inspire the next generation of female chefs and is leading a fresh, modern era for the Italian cuisine. Her creative plates are rooted in the Italian tradition but are combined with an international flair.

In 2010, the restaurant Glass Hostaria in Rome was awarded a Michelin star, with Chef Cristina being the only woman to win one that year. After winning a Michelin star, she opened Romeo Chef & Baker in a former warehouse in Testaccio, and then opened Giulietta Pizzeria next to it. In 2017, she was one of the 20 chefs to cook at the 32nd Chef’s Tribute to Citymeals and she is one of the judges for the final of the 2018 S.Pellegrino Young Italian Chef competition.

According to Chef Cristina food is a way of expressing culture, social values, and a way of being an entrepreneur. She believes in the ‘contaminated cuisine’. Her dishes are a fusion of taste and cultures from Italy but also from all over the world. As she says it is not only about cooking but about penetrating minds, about uniting cultures and changing the economy. Food is how people approach and celebrate life and it gives women a way to reach equality.

That is why we are proud to have a visionary such as Cristina as the main ambassador of DegustiCous. Our 100 years old tradition of organic food is inspired by the same values. And are those values which we want to celebrate in July in the heart of the historic center of Porto.  

Couscous in all its tasty magnitude

Martino together with Chef Cristina will tell the story of “The world of Couscous”, presenting this delicate grain it in all its magnitude. Sweet, salty and sour – dishes suitable for everyone from children to the elderly. All mouthwatering and exceptional for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All featuring a 100% ITALIAN product perfectly in line with the culinary tradition of our country.

But there is not only food. We want to show that couscous is not only traditional but can be modern, fun and entertaining. That is why DegustiCous brings some of the best music bands of the Italian Pop scene, a lot of fun, games and entertainment by the sea for the younger ones and many opportunities to enjoy sports, art and culture.  An event ideal for all ages exactly like couscous.

DegoustiCous is our way of giving back to the community and celebrating this thousand year old food.  With the support of the Municipality, the Port Authority and all the local organizations of Termoli we aim to animate the seaside for four days in a row. We will awaken all the senses and bring festivity in the hearts of all the citizens of the region.  Above all we will give Couscous a central role in the hearts of everyone who enjoy sharing healthy meals with their beloved ones. We are certain that with Chef Cristina as our ambassador, with all the musicians, athletes and all the citizens – young and old- we will achieve this during DegustiCous.

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