Summer is over, and among those who are about to unpack their bags, there are still a few vacationers who are finally about to start their vacations. After a very hot summer, work, daily routine and the mirage of vacation, the first thought is just to enjoy the well-deserved relaxation.

Relaxation is synonymous with “goodbye to household chores,” and enjoying the time you have decided to spend alone or with friends and family. Cleaning the house and spending hours behind the stove is the least of your worries. Ideally, one should always go out to eat, a solution that is not always possible both for a matter of convenience and cost. The solution? Prepare quick recipes and one-pot meals.

When on vacation, one prefers to spend time planning itineraries and, if at all, arranging the photographs one has taken. It goes without saying, however, that making food is no small affair. Quick and easy-to-prepare dishes are the solution.

Ally number one in vacation cooking is definitely couscous. Couscous is a really versatile food because you can cook it with meat, with some fish, or with vegetables. In all cases, it is delicious and quick to prepare. By the way, it can be eaten lukewarm or stored in the refrigerator: it tastes even better the next day!

But that’s not all, couscous in summer is really a lunch/dinner saver because:

  • it is ready in 5 minutes, but really!
  • You can prepare it at home and take it with you everywhere and eat it even cold
  • The Martino couscous lines are really many, you will be spoiled for choice!
  • Martino couscous is also gluten free! We have thought of everyone
  • You can make so many recipes with Martino couscous: from appetizers to desserts

Speaking of recipes, here are some made with couscous for really tasty fresh summer dishes to take on vacation:

Recipes with couscous and meat:

Recipes with couscous and fish:

Recipes with couscous and vegetables:



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