This is why Martino Couscous is the perfect food for athletes

We all agree on one thing: training for athletes starts at the table. In fact, it is essential to choose the right foods that can ensure an adequate supply of all the essential nutrients that provide considerable energy, without overloading the digestive system. So why are we telling you this? Because at Martino we think of everyone.

Indeed, contrary to common knowledge, Couscous is a great food for good health and a slim figure. With its chief ingredient of durum wheat semolina grains, it concentrates protein, fibre and is low in fat content. In addition, it is light on the stomach and low in calories: it has about half the calories of pasta while providing an equivalent feeling of satiety. In fact, a serving of Couscous alone provides the equivalent nourishment of an entire meal because a single portion assures half of the daily energy requirement.

Sports enthusiasts can rest assured: while remaining highly digestible, it is a precious source of energy. And this is testified by one who is not just any sportsman but a world champion. He is Cosimo De Angelis and on 18 November he won the Boston Natural Bodybuilding World Championship title in the pro Men’s Physique category.

Cosimo De Angelis

Today, Cosimo has become our MARTINO ‘Brand Ambassador’

You may ask – what we are talking about? Simply said – Natural Bodybuilding means building and shaping your body without recourse to doping and illegal substances. The relevant training regimen is harder and longer, but the results obtained solely with one’s natural efforts are certain to last over time.

For both beginners and advanced bodybuilders, three universal and essential principles apply: Training, Nutrition and Rest.

“We are very pleased to confirm this important relationship with Cosimo, because we share his attention and passion for a correct and healthy diet as well as quality in food and ingredients” – says Emma Martino, Managing Director of Sipa international.

Indeed, also in Natural Bodybuilding, results cannot be achieved without a correct and specific diet. As our champion has confirmed, it is necessary to follow strict, but above all correct dietary guidelines to ensure the best competition results. What are the key factors? The certified quality of the products and their multiple nutritional properties.

Nutrition is fundamental to this discipline – says Cosimo De Angelis – I tried Martino Couscous to vary and enhance my diet during the various competition preparation stages. What I surely appreciate most about this product is the great variety, the quality certified by Demeter, the speed of preparation and the nutritional value, which, as an athlete, I absolutely depend on. My favourite? The Chickpea Couscous!

Continue to follow us because, with Cosimo’s contribution, we shall continue to tell you more about these topics and answer any questions you may have about the relationship between Sport and Nutrition. We will present you with suggestions, news, and trends while we closely follow the daily activities of a real Champion!

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