Today we are going to talk to you about a really important topic. The latest news from the food industry highlights how more and more brands and companies are becoming more conscious to their products and practices. Now, it’s about trying to limit themselves from those that harm animals or the environment.

Do you understand the importance of this trend? It is about more than simply being vegan or not being vegan. Have you ever heard of Vegan, Cruelty Free, Animal Free clothing? The term changes, but the meaning remains the same.

What does Vegan mean:

  • STOP to foods of animal origin.
  • STOP the exploitation of animals.
  • Low environmental impact production.

Any food can be defined Vegan (Cruelty Free) when it holds the certification VeganOK. And Martino is proud to hold VeganOK certification for many of our products, including the Al Naturale Line.

VeganOk is the most widely known ethical standard for Vegan products in the world. It takes part in the most important and influential fairs in the natural food sector and the standard guarantees that there are no ingredients of animal origin in any of the products. We made the decision to acquire this certification and offer this guarantee to those who have chosen to follow this lifestyle to assure them that Martino is certain our products contain no animal derivatives.

What VeganOK certification means for our clients?

If you follow a specific diet or cannot eat certain foods, it can be really difficult to know what food products are suitable for you or not. It’s all the more challenging if you are following a vegetarian or vegan diet as it can be hard to find products that meet your needs. An independent certification from VeganOK means that our customers can be confident knowing which of our products are suitable for them and they don’t have to spend ages scouring ingredients lists. We clearly label on our packaging which products are Vegan certified to help make it really easy for people.

Whole, natural foods and vegetarian ingredients have always been at the heart of the foods we make at Martino. Finely-ground semolina wheat is the basis of our couscous. And health-conscious stores around the world have become natural customers as they have sought to expand their vegan and vegetarian product offering.

In the face of Martino, they see an ally and a trusted partner who upholds the rigorous standards of quality necessary to label a product as vegan.

As more people are recognising the health and environmental benefits that a more plant-based diet can offer, we’re all encouraged to look for foods that reflect that. From our perspective we think it’s really important food companies clearly label their products and make things easier for customers so they know what they are buying and if it meets their needs.

As consumers become more and more health conscious, it’s our responsibility to offer a diverse range of high-quality raw materials that is 100% safe for vegetarians and vegans, and for those with allergies. For that reason, at Martino we expanded our range to manufacture products that are VeganOK certified. Receiving this certification once again proofs the ubiquity and safe use of responsible practises when.

Why It Matters?

Today it is paramount to live and work without compromising the opportunities and resources of future generations. A small daily habit which will enhance sustainable development of local populations, ensure respect of producer’s rights, improve economic, social and environmental conditions of a whole community.

VeganOK is the first and only ethic certification for vegan products: this Italian certification body is the most widespread ethic standard worldwide, as it certifies more than 1000 companies and products, including Martino.

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