We’ve all faced the challenge of unexpected guests dropping by at the last minute or having to prepare a delicious and nutritional meal for our family after a long day at work. So what is the answer for those moments when you simply don’t have the time to prepare some elaborate menu or spend hours around the stove?

Keeping your pantry and freezer stocked with whole-wheat couscous, cans of no-salt-added crushed tomatoes, spices, garlic, frozen chicken breasts, canned fish, and frozen vegetables can sometimes turn out to be a real life-saver. It is easy to put together a quick meal if you have food already in your pantry. Look to buy non-perishable items like Martino’s couscous. Keep a note on the refrigerator to list items as you need them and know when it’s time to replenish your supplies.

What’s for dinner?

Everyone has been in a situation, where you look at the clock and realize that dinnertime is fast approaching. You’re already exhausted from the day, and you still have to walk the dog, pick up the kids from soccer, and finish that report due first thing tomorrow… You’d love to sit down to a healthy, home-cooked meal, but your stomach is growling and that take-out pizza menu is looking very tempting.

But wait just a minute. Before the dinnertime crunch convinces you to blow off your dietary resolve, wrap your mind around an important concept: “Healthy” doesn’t have to mean cooking from scratch, and “quick” doesn’t have to mean scarfing down artery-clogging fast food.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a kitchen-phobe who doesn’t own a cookbook, you can make healthy, quick dinners at home. And the answer is in our range of Martino couscous products – 100% Italian and produced from bio wheat with light texture and great taste quality. Now, eating healthily is easier than ever with our ranges Prestige, Al naturale, Organic, Ho.Re.Ca, Ready to Eat, Kids and Conventional Flavoured. All obtained from the best raw materials, easy to use and fast to prepare. The perfect ally for an award-winning recipe.

Why Martino’s couscous should be on your Healthy Grocery List

Healthy, quick, and homemade dinners start with having the right ingredients on hand. Keeping a bag or box of Martino’s couscous in your pantry means you can always whip up a quick, satisfying lunch or dinner for several people.

In addition to having higher nutritional value than rice and pasta, couscous can also feed more people with smaller portions. And thanks to new technology used in the preparation of instant couscous like the one from Martino, we can now obtain a greater couscous rehydration up to 2,6 times. Our signature method that has taken decades to perfect in keeping with the proud traditions on which the company was founded have allowed us to perfect our couscous range. Now, Martino’s couscous has more volume and fragrance, and it’s dramatically softer, fluffier, and lighter.

To get the most of your preferred couscous product, there are several ways to prepare it. The principle behind all steaming it is to get the couscous to absorb as much water as possible while also remaining lump-free and separate. Cooked this way, a 450g box of instant couscous becomes 1.9 kilos, which is more than enough to feed a family of 5. The whole process takes about an hour, but in the meantime you can prepare the broth, vegetables or meat you wish to serve with the couscous.

Of course, couscous can also be prepared quicker simply by pouring over hot (not boiling) water over it and leaving it for less than 10 minutes to fluff up. Is it worth it? When the product is of high-quality like Martino’s, both ways of preparation produce sublime results. Each grain is fluffy and swollen, yet in no way soggy. It is the perfect foil to your favourite chicken broth scented with ginger and saffron. Naturally, there is a certain charm to the lazy five-minute preparation of couscous and that’s something we can’t say about a lot of foods. It’s certainly convenient and easy to have an alternative for a healthy dish that doesn’t take hours to prepare and is tasty and nutritional.

One of the best qualities of couscous is that it assumes the flavours of the sauces or seasonings you add

But if you opt for Martino’s Conventional Flavoured label – then you can choose from several varieties of pre-seasoned couscous to create a savoury meal. Regular couscous has 6 grams of protein, while whole-grain couscous has 9 grams. Rice, for example, contains less protein, with 1 cup of cooked white and brown rice supplying 4 and 5 grams respectively.

What’s even more – Martino’s couscous products are pre-made, which means they take even less time to cook. At the same time, they have a high nutritional value with a single one-cup serving providing about 36 grams of carbohydrate or about 34 net carbs. You’ll also get a small boost of protein with the nutty-flavoured side dish and a few grams of fibre to boost your sense of satisfaction after eating.

Couscous is not only tasty and easy to prepare, but it also offers an abundance of nutrients. This is especially true for couscous that is certified and of high quality with long traditions in how it is milled as with the family-owned Martino company. Because the key to consuming healthy food choices is the way in which the food is prepared, it is important to be able to trace your food back to its humble beginnings. Add one of Martino’s couscous products to your diet today and see if you notice a difference in your weight and health.

We have developed our range of couscous products to encourage healthy eating and a balanced diet in any situation – whether you have time to experiment with new tastes and variations or simply want to put together a tasty meal in no time.

We’d love to hear how Martino’s products help you free up time in the kitchen and still keep everyone happy and well fed.

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