Summer means heat, sea, vacation, fresh air, light clothes and zero desire to waste time behind the stove, right? Well yes, this year’s summer season has come on strong again and saying goodbye to cooking is practically impossible, but devoting yourself to meal preparation with little effort and maximum yield is instead possible.


Let’s face it, the kitchen is a kind of home laboratory, where the strict organization should be observed so that you can devote yourself to preparing dishes knowing that you can count on maximum efficiency. But this is not always the case, especially during those times of the year when staying indoors is the last thing on your mind.

How to solve it? Having an organized and stocked pantry is the secret to any kitchen that really works. The benefits are considerable, not only in terms of space but also in terms of time to devote to meal preparation. But you can’t have everything, so let’s dwell on the pantry issue.

The pantry often has everything, even chaotically, but when you have no shortage of staples in the house, you can make a last-minute recipe but you can also do your grocery shopping without stress, saving time and money.

An organized and stocked pantry is just a few steps away

Make a list of things that should never be missing
Organize foods by product type and expiration date
Use containers that can be stacked, avoiding bulky packs
Organize your pantry according to the seasonality of products
At least once a week do a check of things that are running out or leftover

Does the pantry organization change in the summer?

Well yes, not all seasons require the same commitment to pantry management, certainly, in summer you prefer fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables to be eaten even raw, but to optimize time and not go crazy behind the stove, here is what should never be missing:

Oil, vinegar and dressings (for last-minute salads)
Spices and flavourings (to add flavour to even the lightest dishes)
Couscous (great all year round but essential in summer for quick and tasty dishes)
Pasta and legumes (to be enjoyed with cold dressings and as an alternative to rice salad)
Nuts and seeds (for a nutritious snack or to flavour a salad)

Couscous is the summer staple.

Having a supply of grains allows you to always prepare nutritionally complete dishes. We’ve already told you that. But what you may not know is that couscous is the product that really should never be missing from your summer pantry.

Couscous contains starch and carbohydrates, low fat, protein, vitamins A and B vitamins, and minerals, which replenish supplies lost on hot days. It nourishes but does not burden intestinal functions, thus preventing acidity and heaviness.

But that’s not all…

Couscous Martino is ready in 5 minutes-but really!
you can prepare it at home and take it with you anywhere and eat it cold too
the Martino couscous lines are so many, you are spoiled for choice!
Martino couscous is also gluten free! We have thought of everyone
with couscous Martino you can make so many recipes: from appetizers to desserts
All you have to do is fill up on couscous, fill and organize your pantry and try many tasty recipes! What are you waiting for?


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