asty, healthy and very versatile, it goes perfectly with fish, meat, vegetables and pulses. Excellent for original aperitifs, creative first courses and super-tasty sweet snacks. Couscous can be prepared fairly quickly and is enhanced by the use of spices. It is also very filling and has a high fibers content.  Last but not least,  it is totally suitable for normal or low-calorie diets.

A confermare l’unicità del couscous questa volta è l’Unesco, che ha inserito questo prezioso alimento nella lista del proprio patrimonio culturale immateriale.

The uniqueness of couscous has been confirmed by Unesco, which has included this precious food in its intangible cultural heritage list.

UNESCO’s cultural heritage includes not only monuments and collections of objects but also all the living traditions handed down by our ancestors: oral expressions, including language, performing arts, social practices, rituals and festivals, knowledge and practices relating to nature and the universe, traditional crafts and even traditional gastronomic products such as couscous.

We could not be happier with such recognition for a product like couscous that makes our company the leading producer in Italy.

It was in fact 1978 when Pasquale Martino inherited from his father Nicola the knowledge of grains, further enhancing the culture of a quality product. Thanks to his great entrepreneurial skills, he started an unprecedented industrial development and, with a far-sighted outlook, decided to convert production from pasta to couscous.

In 1994, Martino became the first Italian couscous producer. The unique qualities of the raw materials of this product, 100% Made in Italy, became the distinguishing feature of this success story, projecting the company onto the world market.


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