When we think of breadcrumbs, the first thing that comes to mind is a breaded slice. But it’s easy to anticipate crispy potato croquettes, not to mention fried chicken. The same goes for courgettes or fish. In short, there is no denying it, when there is a good crust, the dish becomes more delicious.

From this assumption was born Martino’s idea of an alternative to the usual breadcrumbs, much tastier, lighter, crispier and also suitable for those who pay attention to their figure because it does not need to be fried. Martino is proud to add to its couscous family Crispycous, the first crispy couscous breadcrumbs.


Martino has always been synonymous with innovation and attention to its customers. The first 100% gluten-free crispy couscous breadcrumbs are the result of Martino’s desire to be ever closer to its consumers.

Crispycous is deliberately developed with alternative raw materials and is excellent in the pan-toasted or baked for crispy gratins.

One of its features that will make it indispensable in your pantry is that it can be used without frying and this allows you to have a unique, healthy and tasty couscous breadcrumbs.

You can enjoy Crispycous Martino in two versions, with corn or with chickpeas. All you have to do is try it and make your own original recipes based on Couscous Martino!


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