The news that many of you have been waiting for: from today, Martino couscous can be purchased directly online at!

Thanks to our e-commerce site, it’s really easy to get our couscous at home. You no longer have to go to a sales outlet, but can easily choose from our range and complete your order. Remember that delivery is completely free wherever you are. 

What do you have to do? Just do it! Choose at least six of our products of your choice available on the e-commerce and complete your order – we’ll take care of the rest!

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Which products will you find in our e-commerce? Certainly our best sellers, but much more:

PREMIUM LINE: Premium is the line of Couscous Martino dedicated to those looking for the best: steam cooking, top quality cereals, unique organoleptic and nutritional characteristics for an all-Italian taste.

NATURAL LINE: Specialities obtained exclusively from legumes and cereals grown in Italy. In the practical 400 g package, they guarantee a quick and complete meal ready in just 5 minutes. The search for these particular raw materials means that unique products based on cereals and legumes are now available on the market as a valid alternative to durum wheat semolina. Martino guarantees the respect of the high qualitative and nutritional standards that allow these products to exalt themselves with the most varied seasonings.

GLUTEN FREE LINE: These couscous are produced with raw materials alternative to durum wheat semolina and are therefore gluten-free from the source. The raw materials are all rigorously selected and chosen on the basis of the best results obtained during development.

LITTLE DOTS LINE: Couscous Martino is an ideal meal for our children from the age of 3. Couscous looks like a small sponge that is quick to prepare and easy to chew. Ideal for a complete, light and wholesome meal.

BIO LINE: Il Martino Bio is a line that offers the great taste of steamed cereals, 100% organic, to add a touch of fantasy and eat healthy food.

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