Did you know that red lentil couscous exists? It’s part of Martino’s ‘Al Naturale’ line, and is highly digestible thanks to the steam cooking process and also suitable for coeliac guests. 


Rich in protein and an inexhaustible source of fibre, our Martino red lentil couscous is a good alternative to the protein- and fibre-rich durum wheat semolina of lentils.

It is also a great food because these lentils are low in fat, helping to keep peak blood sugar levels at bay.

Moreover, thanks to the presence of fibre, they tend to regulate intestinal functions.

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Why this choice? As you know, legume flour is a major player in one of the current food trends. It is becoming one of the most viable alternatives to traditional cereal flours and is particularly suitable for a healthy, gluten-free diet.

It has a high protein content compared to other types of couscous: rich in protein and an inexhaustible source of fibre, with all the digestibility of steam cooking. It fits perfectly into the segment of “healthy” products that an increasing number of Italians are putting in their trolley.


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