Demeter is a globally-accepted certification system, used to verify to the consumers in over 50 countries that food or product has been produced by biodynamic methods. The Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association is the certifier in New Zealand. (The Association registered Demeter as a certification trademark in 1984.) Inspectors visit the operators (farmers and processors) annually to collect information about their methods. A committee then decides whether to grant certification. Most committee members are experienced biodynamic farmers and/or processors and are strongly committed to encouraging sustainable agricultural practices. Companies like Martino who have shown strong commitment to the practices of responsible farming earn the right to have their couscous products classified under the Demeter Standards of quality.  The Demeter Standards are a published statement of the allowed and the required practices for certified biodynamic operators. All persons working towards Demeter certification are recommended to obtain a copy from the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association’s office or download it online. Any questions they raise can be referred to the Association office.

What are Demeter products?

Demeter International is the regulator of Demeter certification worldwide maintains an on-line database of Demeter certified operators and their products. Martino’s couscous is classified as a Demeter product because the company is a member of the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association.

Farmers who are part of the association have learned and practise biodynamic methods for farming. For processors like Martino, the requirements are to obtain information about processing requirements from the Association office. Some of these include raw produce certified Demeter or In Conversion to Demeter as well as the application of appropriate processing methods to preserve biodynamic quality, as detailed in the Demeter International Processing Standards. There must also be fail safe systems to prevent mixing in of uncertified produce. Martino has been able to meet the rigorous criteria for getting its couscous products to be Demeter classified thanks to its century-old tradition and modernization of production facilities.

What are the health benefits of Demeter couscous products?

There are Demeter standards for labelling, which particularly govern the use of the Demeter co-brand symbol, which is the main Demeter logo used internationally. Some requirements of the farming standards require a registration year during which the farm is converted to biodynamic methods.

Under Demeter standards, couscous products must be made from wheat, which has not been grown with the use of synthetic water soluble fertilisers, and most synthetic pesticides, herbicides and animal remedies. Application of biodynamic preparation 500 is required as well, preferably twice annually. Farmers are also required to use the biodynamic compost preparations in all fermented organic manures, including compost and liquid brews. This gives wheat additional nutritional benefits as it is not weighed down by any toxins that are usually contained in grains.

Why Demeter couscous products are good for people and the environment?

Aside from being chemical and toxin-free, Demeter couscous products have been produced and farmed in an environmentally-friendly way. Martino products are natural products and we are really committed to really good quality ingredients! We believe in choice and in giving our customers a variety of healthy options for fast, easy and nutritionally beneficial meals as is evident from the Martino couscous range of bio couscous products. For example, we currently offer seven different ranges of couscous products, all of them developed to the highest standards of quality for rich taste and excellent results in the kitchen.  Specifically developed from the best raw materials, easy to use and fast to prepare – Demeter couscous is the perfect ally for an award-winning recipe.

Being Demeter certified gives you the peace of mind that you know exactly what you are getting. This type of couscous is perfect for the health conscious consumer looking for convenient meals. What’s even more – nutritional studies overseas comparing biodynamically and conventionally produced food, have found that the biodynamic food generally had a higher nutrient content. There was often a higher content of Vitamin C, iron and other vitamins and minerals, and a lower content of harmful nitrates. This means that Demeter certified products are good not only for the environment but your health as well.

Martino couscous products hold the Demeter Biodynamic Certification

Which demonstrate our company’s commitment to ethical farming and production practices and verify that our biodynamic products meet international standards in production and processing.

Few people realize the importance of shopping certified Demeter biodynamic couscous. Crops that are certified as biodynamic are grown well. This means they come from an ecological farming system that views the farm as a self-contained and self-sustaining organism. The health and well-being of the farm animals, the farmer, the farm and the Earth are all viewed as integral parts that make up the whole.

Embracing the Biodynamic segment is the logical next step in sustainability and soil fertility. Now, with brands that are Organics and Non-GMO household names, companies like Martino are creating a niche for biodynamic products grown through the most ecologically sound methods.

Demeter is the quality mark for produce that has been grown biodynamically and the products that use both Demeter produce and approved processes. At the same time, Martino is the household name for 100% Italian couscous that has been produced in adherence to tradition and modern methods that bring out the best nutritional qualities of wheat. This way the quality mark ensures that food meets the highest quality standards, carefully grown, gently processed and packed.

This new type of biodynamic food that makes the world a better place – the legacy of sustainable agriculture and responsible production methods to leave the world a better place than we found it. At this point, conservation is really not enough! At Martino, we believe every little bite counts and our range of Demeter couscous proves it.

We would love to hear what methods you are using to save our environment.


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