If Martino were an image, it could be summed up with the immense golden fields of Molise, where ears of corn sway as far as the eye can see, caressed by the wind.


How a success story was born

This mixture of colors and smells must be stimulated by the ingenuity of Donato Martino who, in 1870, with a simple and brilliant intuition, personalizes the water mills and makes the milling activity available to his son Andrea.

Andrea Martino collects the idea of his father and founds the first pasta factory of the Martino family in 1904, thus starting a centennial history that still lasts today. Andrea Martino’s is in fact the first of four generations to succeed each other at the helm of the company, which has now become a model, a successful example of Made in Italy, capable of successfully facing the challenges of modernity, because it has made use of the teachings of its tradition.


The ability to get up after difficulties

In the first years of activity, the Martino pasta factory was immediately configured as an innovative, solid and concrete reality, which based its principles on a quality product and a healthy work environment, where every employee feels part of a family.

The Second World War, however, puts a strain on the company, which is heavily hit by German bombing. It is up to Nicola Martino, who took over from his father Andrea, the burden of getting the company back on its feet.

Within 10 years the pasta factory is reborn and Nicola Martino, a very pragmatic person, helps the family brand to establish itself in Italy and abroad as a synonym for “quality pasta”.


Grow and innovate

It was 1978 when Pasquale Martino inherited the knowledge of grains from his father Nicola, further enhancing the culture of a quality product. Thanks to his great entrepreneur skills, he starts an unprecedented industrial development and, with a far-sighted view, decides to convert the production from pasta to Couscous.

We are in 1994 and Martino becomes the first absolute producer of Italian Couscous. The unique qualities of the raw materials of this product, 100% Made in Italy, become the distinctive element of this success story, which project the company into the world market.


The tradition that is renewed

The fourth generation of entrepreneurs in 2008 brings a woman to the helm of the company for the first time: Emma Martino. Alongside his father Pasquale, he takes care, with great courage, tenacity and flair, of a centenary tradition made of quality products and healthy values.

It is her who introduces a new product differentiation strategy, according to the new needs of consumers. This innovation allows the company to increase and develop new markets globally.


Over 100 years and always looking to the future

In 2016 the Martino family decides to implement a new conventional and gluten free Couscous production line, which leads the company to overcome the doubling of production capacity and become a leader in the sector

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